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Key People


Brittany Harmon

President and Chief Executive Officer



Timmothy Harmon

Vice President


jolyn sparkle.jpg

Jolyn Torp


My name is Jolyn and I am Tinnley's aunt. I watched Tinnley battle Leukemia like a little warrior. I noticed something though, while she had her ups and downs, she always had a spirit about her that could spread joy and sparkle to those around her. You see, Tinnley was and is my hero. I wanted to be a part of The Sparkle of Tinnley Organization because I want her Sparkle to continue to be shared, I want her memory to live on, and I want to be a part of her legacy!


Jenny Willis


Hi! I’m Jenny Willis, Tinnley’s aunt. I was an elementary teacher for five years before having a daughter of my own in 2020! I became involved with the Sparkle of Tinnley Organization from the very start - helping with digital designs and promotional products. I am very passionate about spreading moments of joy - sparkle as we call it -  into the lives of children who are chronically ill.  I watched as  these moments had a huge impact on Tinnley while she was battling cancer and hope to spread some of her light to others by being involved in this organization.

mom sparkle.jpg

Shantell Willis


I am Tinnley's Mimi.  I wanted to be on the Sparkle board because I love my Silly, Stinter Butt with her contagious laugh, her silliness, her tenaciousness.    I watched firsthand how life for a family is torn apart by the in-and-outs of the hospital, the treatments, the juggling of the schedules, the struggle for the sibling(s), how life is completely altered.  But I also saw how one little girl could Sparkle in such a way as to light up a heart, a room, and a life.  One sunny California day we were sitting on the couch watching as the sprinklers watered the lawn.  Tinnley -  who couldn't go out to play because of the disease she was fighting and the treatments she was enduring, who lived with a level of pain I can only imagine, who spent weeks in the hospital away from her home, whose life was turned upside down - found a rainbow in the water from the sprinklers and looked at me and said. "Mimi, I love it. It's boo-tiful." I want to live life seeing things through her eyes.  I want to Spread the Sparkle that way Tinnley did.


Donna Harmon

Financial Officer



Amy Marmol


Amy met and became friends with Brittany during pregnancy, as part of a new moms’ support group at the SCV Birth Center. They enjoyed group outings together with their toddlers of similar ages - Amy with her two boys and Brittany with her two girls. Amy moved to Pasadena shortly before Tinnley started treatments at CHLA, so being in closer proximity than other friends, she was more than happy to bring them meals and make short visits as they were able. Amy and her husband Joshua were honored to provide music for Tinnley’s wake and for her memorial, singing some of Tinnley’s favorite Disney songs as well as some songs to encourage family and loved ones. Now, Amy repurposes her organizational skills from her career as a high school teacher to provide support for the Sparkle of Tinnley as the Board Secretary.

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Tina Torp

Board Member


social artwork- cropped.jpg

Tessiny Holliday

Board Member- Nurse Practitioner


Tori Bishop .jpeg

Tori Bishop

Board Member

My name is Victoria (Tori) Bishop, and I am a family friend that had the honor and privilege of witnessing Tinnley’s journey. I have been an elementary school teacher for nine years, and teaching the next generation is one of my many passions and joys in life. I had the privilege to volunteer at the first Sparkle of Tinnley event back in 2020 and fell in love with the cause of this organization. Since then, helping the Sparkle of Tinnley Organization spread “sparkle” and joy to children with chronic and long-term illnesses has been a wonderful opportunity that I am so grateful to be apart of.

Colorful Bubbles
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